The best people to ask this question to is our current clients….

They have told us that when they made the first decision to use our services it was based on our overall facility, how impressive it is.

Our mission is to provide a safe, secure, ‘home from home’ environment for the dogs.

We guarantee to provide a welcoming, calm atmosphere where dogs will feel loved, adored and understood.

The team are knowledgeable, engaging, observant and professional. We are highly skilled and have qualifications in dog behaviour and canine first aid - we really know our stuff!

Cleanliness and infection prevention is our priority - We follow very strict cleaning regimes using high level disinfectant, which is safe and effective for use around animals.

Your dog is safe with us! We have CCTV all throughout the creche, Fully Insured and a 5 star Environmental Health License with Babergh Council.

We also have a strict policy whereby a dog is only handed over to owners that we have met previously or ‘approved' by the owners themselves.. We are very vigilant and won’t just give your dog to anyone!

Our number one goal is for the dogs in our care to be loved and cared for as if they were our own.

Our priority is ensuring that each and every dog that is in our care is happy, content and calm.

As well as being able to provide all of the dogs with lots of love, care and fun - The team will guide and help teach the dogs a number of different skills which will help to develop them into the perfect pet for their owners.

Want to know more?! Come and see for yourselves!

Contact us today to book your dog a free of charge ‘meet and greet’ appointment.

We will assess your dogs temperament and give you a tour of the facilities.

After this, we will have planned an introduction and integration which is suitable and individual to your dog.

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Got any questions? If so, why not check out our FAQ’s, where we explain how we operate and our unique policies and services.

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