Welcome to St Mary’s Canine Creche

The home of Luxury Doggie Day Care.

St Mary’s Canine Creche offer the complete package of canine care, this type of facility is innovative, with service levels at an inspirational level and dedicated, fully trained staff.

We believe that this method of daycare is the future for your dogs.

Boredom and excess energy are two common causes of behavioural problems in dogs, St Mary’s Canine Creche provides a safe and fun environment for your dog to play, socialise, exercise and have forty winks with other friendly dogs, helping to prevent destructive and anxious behaviour at home.

We have a bespoke facility designed to be cage free (unkennelled) with only your dog in mind. Everything is here, we do not take your dog off site or travel to another location, your dogs are safe and secure at all times.

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Do you ever feel guilty about leaving your dog at home alone? Now you don’t have to!

Our spacious custom-designed facility provides fun, exercise and social interaction, all essential to a dog’s well-being.
Simply drop your pooch off for a few hours, half day, or the entire working day and we will entertain, play, fuss and make your dogs day!
You will collect a very tired, happy and contented dog that cannot wait to visit next time!

Need Day Care For Your Dog That You Can Count On?

Do you ever feel guilty about leaving your dog at home alone? Now you don’t have to.
We’re a trusted day care provider with a community of dogs and owners who repy on us.

Please call if you want to know more – 01473 480803.

Why choose us?

  • Fully licensed and inspected
  • Caring, Friendly and Professional
  • Highly Recommended – with service levels to inspire

  • Countless testimonials from happy hounds.

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