Pack Leaders

Meet Kieran Moore & Charlie Brownlee

We own St Marys Canine Creche jointly and we are partners in and out of the business.
Kieran has the day to day running of the business, able assisted by Charlie who also holds
down a corporate full time job.

With solid commercial skill sets they bring a high degree of awe inspiring service levels
gained in retail and the corporate world, skills that transfer easily.

A lifetime of dog ownership has resulted in their own pooches, Luna the Weimaraner and
Nova the Jack Russel, starting a habit of short names that end in ‘a’…

Luna gets to attend gundog training with Kieran and whether that translates to the
professional gundog arena only time will tell.

This active couple also own a dance franchise, and they teach dance, host and organise
events for over 800 people so all the hobbies are very active ones, dog walking and activities of course, dance, bike riding, their levels of physical fitness mean only the most fun for your
pooches, these two can keep going all day!

After working in the canine world for a few months, they realised it could be so much
better, and set about making St Marys Canine Creche into a top class facility offering dog
day care and puppy paw-ties.