Pack Leader

Ever since I was young, I have always loved dogs. I remember watching 101 Dalmations over and over, continuously begging my Mum and Dad ‘Can we pleeease get a dog?!’ However due to work commitments this was never a possibility for us as a family (unfortunately back then there was no such thing as a Canine Creche!)  Now I have grown up, I was still determined to get a dog so when I saw that a beautiful cocker spaniel was up for rehome, I just knew we were to become best friends! 

Before taking on this amazing dog adventure, I worked in the NHS for 10 years.

*Goodbye night shifts!!*

My most recent role has been working in the control room of the East of England Ambulance service, as you can imagine it was long hours and as much as I have help and support from my partner and family – poor Charlie may have gone several days without seeing me due to the shifts patterns I had to work.

This is how I found Matt, who owns Colchester Canine Creche. Charlie passed his temperament test and off he went to have copious amounts of fun.  I loved everything about the brand and what the creche had to offer. 

2020 the year of the dreaded C word and lockdowns – a tough year for all.  The year I decided to leave my job with the NHS and take the leap to begin my dream. 

Some may say I am crazy; I say it was all meant to be.

It started of as a thought and a ‘maybe one day I could start my own dog day care’, but I then met with the lovely Sharnie at Suffolk Canine Creche to discuss their consultancy services, and the next thing I know I am here and the new owner of St Marys Canine Creche!  

If that is not meant to be, then I don’t know what is..!

So that is my little story – I cannot wait to meet with you all and see your beautiful dog’s!