Day Care Centre

We are part of Canine Creche UK, we emulate the Mother ship “Suffolk Canine Creche”, and follow all their processes, we mirror their award winning business model and we have with the best staff to dog ratio of any facility.

Hundreds of happy hounds have rated us the best in town!

We have a bespoke facility designed to be cage free (unkennelled) with only your dog in mind. Everything is here, we do not take your dog off site or travel to another location, your dogs are safe and secure at all times.

Come and see for yourself.

Day Care Pricing

Dog Activity Room

Filled with ballpits, climbing frames, playhouses and tons of toys! We play lots of organised games, play here is interesting, safe and stimulating.  bubble machines, ball games, treasure hunts, and dancing with the dogs are all weekly activities.

We have lots of chill out area’s with sofa’s and lots of beds for the older dogs that just want to have company and plenty of comfort breaks, as well as a quick power nap before the next game.

A Puppy Intro area, with safe toys that will allow your playful pupster to integrate slowly at their own pace into the bigger pack! Puppies are able to see the older dogs but are safe, and when they are ready they can start to integrate into the mainstream pack.

Themed Weeks

We have an extensive schedule of themed weeks throughout the year, ranging from Howl-O-Ween, where the dogs have apple bobbing,  Mothers & Fathers Day where each dogs make their own paw painted cards, as well as Maypole Dancing, Royal Ascot, Waterworld Week and our very own Sports Day!  It’s never a dull moment!

A Typical Day!

There really is no typical day, however most days start with bouncing and some energetic games to burn off some energy, or maybe a game for the not so active ones that makes them think. Tuggies, ball games, puzzles, “Find It!”, “Bury It!” and “Bubbles” are all regular games. Some might have some lunch or a burst outside, or maybe an individual walk.

We mellow out slightly, have a break, some classical music and dim the lights for a quick nap. Maybe an afternoon film for the Oldies, Lassie proving to be a firm favourite. More playing into the afternoon, or maybe some one-2-one training, perhaps the agility equipment will come out, sausage racing or paw painting for the more sedate among us! We normally finish up with story time, old style fairy tales being very popular…

Puppy Parties


Our Puppy Parties are normally held bi-monthly on Saturday mornings for two hours, where both puppies and owners can attend a delightful two hours of fun and frolics!

Please call if you want to know more – 01473 480803.

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